How to Unlock LG V10 Bootloader – The Best Method For Noobs

If you want to unlock LG V10 Bootloader, you can consider yourself lucky. This guide will help you do exactly that without asking you to do prove yourself to be a geek.

Yes, that’s true. This method to unlock LG V10 bootloader is dead simple. You just have to follow instructions step-by-step till you reach the last line.

unlock lg v10 bootloader

This method takes less than a minute. Surprising? Try it yourself.

How to unlock LG V10 bootloader?

Don’t get impatient. First, you’ve to find out about the risks and benefits associated with what you’re going to do.

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Why unlock bootloader on a phone?

  1. Unlocking your bootloader will open up your phone to hackers unless you compliment it with appropriate security measures.
  2. Once you unlock LG V10 bootloader, you can get rid of annoying bloatware and restrictions that come with the default bootloader.
  3. After unlocking your phone, you can easily flash a custom ROM and gain root access.
  4. You can overclock your phone’s CPU and install custom kernel for high performance.

I’m sure there are more reasons to unlock LG V10 bootloader than to ignore it. Here are steps to greater freedom with Android OS.

Step 1 – Time to make a backup

I know you want to rush this but I will ask you to take all the precautions. Let it be more than a minute but at least your phone will be safe in the end.

Make a backup of all your important data on the phone. You won’t lose it but things can go wrong sometimes.

Step 2 – Install Android SDK and run CMD

Install Android SDK on your computer. Setup the SDK with all packages.

Once installed, look for SDK installation folder on your main system drive, usually the C drive.

Go inside the SDK folder and right click in empty area while holding the Shift key on your keyboard. You will see context menu. Run command prompt (CMD) from there.

Step 3 – Connect your phone to unlock it

Once you have the CMD running from the SDK folder, it’s time to unlock the phone. But first, you will need to connect it with your PC.

It’s easy to establish a connection.

Use a USB cable and enable debugging in your phone. You can enable debugging by going to Settings>Developer Mode on your phone.

To verify that the USB connection is established successfully, go to CMD and type

'fastboot devices'

command without quotes. Press Enter key on your keyboard. Do you see your phone listed there? Is you see it, it’s connected. If you don’t see it, remove the cable, ensure that you have enabled USB debugging, and connect it again.

Step 4 – Unlock LG V10 bootloader

Now it’s time to unlock LG V10 bootloader by running LG V10 fastboot mode.

Once this process is complete, be sure to check our collection of files for latest LG V10 ROMs. 

To proceed ahead with unlocking, go to CMD window again and enter the following command without quotes

"fastboot oem unlock"

and hit Enter.

Follow on-screen instructions on your phone. In less than a minute, you should unlock LG V10 bootloader.




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