How to unroot Samsung Galaxy J5

If you own a Samsung Galaxy J5, you might want to check System Updates. The company is offering new updates for this phone that many owners would love to get without having to flash their phone. However, if you have rooted your device, you can’t get OTA updates until you unroot Samsung Galaxy J5.

unroot samsung galaxy j5

Samsung has a tradition of offering great budget phones. If you read any Samsung Galaxy J5 review, you will know that this phone boosts a lot of power under the hood. With a 1.2GHz processor, 1.5GB RAM and 13 megapixel camera, you can expect seamless performance from this device.

If you are a power user, you might want to root your Samsung phone to take full advantage of the powerful features of this budget phone. However, you might brick your phone while rooting it. You might also want to unroot Samsung Galaxy J5 just to enjoy seamless OTA updates. Whatever your reason for unrooting this phone, this step-by-step tutorial will make things extremely easy for you.

How to unroot Samsung Galaxy J5

Here is an easy to follow tutorial to unroot Samsung Galaxy J5.

Caution: This tutorial is strictly for Samsung Galaxy J5. Please don’t try to unroot any other smartphone using this guide.

Install drivers and backup data on your phone

Before you start unrooting procedure, you need to install USB drivers on your PC. You won’t be able to connect your phone to your PC unless you have installed Samsung drivers.

You should also make a backup of your device before you proceed. You can make a backup using TWRP or any other app of your choice. Just be sure to save phone backup on SD card and not on phone storage for safety.

Charge your phone

Once you have setup your PC for unrooting, it’s time to charge your phone so that you can start the procedure. To be on the safer side, start process only when your phone is at least 80% charged.

Enable USB debugging

Now enable USB debugging by enabling developer mode in your phone. To enable developer mode, go to Build Number from Settings>About Phone. Now tap ‘build number’ seven times and you’re done.

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Download stock ROM and Odin tool

You will need stock ROM and Odin tool to unroot Samsung Galaxy J5.

Now follow these steps.

  • Extract Odin folder and run Odin.exe file.
  • Boot your phone in download mode (Fastboot mode).
  • Connect your phone to PC via USB.
  • In Odin, you should see a screen with a blue box. This indicates that you have successfully connected your phone.
  • Select AP from Odin screen and browse to stock firmware file. You will be flashing this firmware on your device. Since it’s a stock firmware, your phone will be unrooted after flashing with this firmware.
  • Click ‘start’ button and wait for Odin screen to display ‘PASS’ message. This message indicates that the flashing procedure has completed.
  • When you see this message, restart the phone. It should be unrooted and if it was bricked, it should be running fine now.


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