How to Update Sony Xperia Z5 to Marshmallow

The new Xperia Z5 runs on Android Lollipop but you can easily update Sony Xperia Z5 to Marshmallow (Android 6.0) using OTA update feature. However, many users face numerous problems when using OTA and therefore fail to upgrade their phone to the all-new Marshmallow.

update sony xperia z5

Once you flash Marshmallow, you will love the new look as it comes to full life with Sony Xperia Z5 specification. Android team has been working on many new updates that have come to life in Android 6.0. Your screen will look better and your apps will be more organized. The new UI is intelligent and gives you easy access to most necessary controls and apps on your device.

To update Sony Xperia Z5, you can take either the official route or the non-official route. The official method to upgrade this device is to use OTA but the problem is that it doesn’t work for everyone. So we’ve included a non-official method towards the end for all those who can’t make the OTA work for some reason.

Update Sony Xperia Z5 using OTA [Official method]

The official method is to use OTA to upgrade your phone. However, there are some problems with OTA.

  1. You can’t get an update through OTA unless your phone manufacturer has worked on the new version of Android. This means you are always dependent on your phone manufacturer.
  2. You can’t get an update on day one. Google Nexus devices are the first one to receive an update.
  3. Your device should be running official version of OS to use OTA.
  4. Your device should not be rooted to benefit from OTA updates.

But if you are eager to try OTA for your Sony phone despite these issues, you can follow the simple procedure explained below.

  • Go to ‘About Phone’ from Settings on your phone.
  • Go to Software Version from the next screen.
  • Search for new updates. If there is an update available in your region, your phone will detect it and prompt you to proceed with the update.

Update Sony Xperia Z5 using manual method [Un-official]

This method is for those who can’t upgrade Sony Xperia Z5 to the latest Android using OTA feature. This method works even when your phone hasn’t received an OTA update. It also works for phones with root access. OTA doesn’t work on rooted phones.


Before you apply a manual update, you should always backup data on your set to removable media or use cloud backup. There are numerous options that you can use. Some of them are free while others charge a nominal fee for keeping your data safe and secure.

IMPORTANT: You won’t lose your warranty using this method. It doesn’t flash a custom ROM or root Sony Xperia Z5. It only upgrades your existing official Android to the latest official Android. Everything is done using official stock Android image.

Things you’ll need: You will need a PC in order to complete this upgrade procedure. You will also need a USB cable to connect your mobile with your PC. Finally, you will need to install Sony drivers on your PC so that it can detect your mobile phone once connected.

Pre-cautions: You should make a backup of your phone and charge it fully before proceeding with the procedure. If you phone battery dies during the flashing procedure, you will end up with a brick.

Downloads: There are a few files you need to download from the internet before you can proceed with this procedure. Use the links below to grab your downloads. Put them in a folder on your PC until we need them again.

  • Android OS [Stock firmware] : download from Sony website using the official link. Don’t use third-party links to download stock firmware.
  • Flash tool: You can download it here. Your antivirus may give a false alarm when you try to use this flash tool. You need to ignore it in order to complete this procedure.

Installations: Once you have everything, you need to proceed with installations. Start by installing Flash tools that you just downloaded. Once you have installed it, move stock firmware file to the folder where you installed Flash tools. You should see a folder there named ‘firmware version’. Put your stock firmware there.

Using Flash tool: Now it’s time to use the Flash tool. Run it on your PC and select thunderbolt icon. This is the icon for ‘flashmode’. You will make use of this mode to flash the latest Android stock firmware so that you can upgrade Sony Xperia Z5 to Marshmallow.

Select the firmware you want to flash once you have started ‘flashmode’. Press Flash button and that’s it. Your phone will be updated in a few minutes.


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