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HP expands its range of professional monitors for graphic design

HP wants to remain strong in the professional field and announced the launch of new monitors and storage solutions targeted key to professional graphic design manner. These deals include a powerful 4K monitor 31.5 inch color spectrum 10-bit, four new borderless monitors designed for use in multi-screen configurations (Z27n, Z24n, Z24nf and Z24nq) and a storage solution called HP Z Turbo Drive G2. This PCIe SSD solution reaches four times faster than SATA SSD performance and is designed to handle large data streams, such as when working with 4K content. We tell you the main details of these professional teams.

 Probably the most interesting of which the company has presented model is the HP DreamColor monitor Z32x 31.5 inches. This model advocates a 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels than four times the detail of a traditional monitor Full HD. It also has a spectrum of 10-bit color to achieve a very high accuracy in the reproduction of content and is factory calibrated to facilitate the work of professionals. Its color coverage is 100% in the sRGB spectrum, 100% in the spectrum BT.709 and 99.5% in the spectrum AdobeRGB. The type of panel is IPS with good brightness of 300 nits and excellent viewing angles up to 178 degrees both vertically and horizontally.

HP expands its range of professional monitors for graphic design

 Within its connections is the inclusion of the new HDMI 2.0, capable of transmitting images 4K with good fluidity and an HDMI 1.4 standard (the currently carry most computers on the market) port connector. You could not miss a full-size DisplayPort connector, a widespread technology in the professional field with higher data transmission capacity than the HDMI port or a mini DisplayPort. In addition, we will have four USB 3.0 ports for high speed rates ten times faster than traditional USB transfer. All with ability to adjust the monitor height to find the most comfortable position when working. Other interesting features of this model are a refresh rate of 60Hz or a response time of 8 milliseconds. His arrival in Europe will occur in August and the price could be placed in the 1,500 euros.

 In addition to this team, also brought to market four new monitors designed to work in multi. The HP Z27n, HP Z24n, HP Z24nq and HP Z24nf of 27 and 24 inch monitors have a design that has reduced the maximum size of the frames, so that we can put your screen in portrait mode and attach to other monitors to create a more complete viewing experience. Like the previous team, are factory calibrated for accurate reproduction of color. They will arrive in August and September. Finally, HP also unveiled its storage solution HP Z Turbo Drive G2 with technology PCIe SSD. This technology supports performance up to four times that of a traditional SSD SATA solution. This makes it an excellent tool for dealing with large data streams such as those handled by working with 4K content. It will be available in June in configurations of 256 GB (675 euros) and 512 GB (1,190 euros).

HP expands its range of professional monitors for graphic design


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