HTC 10 Lifestyle is official: emerging markets will get it instead of HTC 10

HTC 10 is official, and we are extremely positive about it. The display seems a significant jump; the processing package is powerful enough to secure a place in top 5 positions on benchmark charts and the new camera sensors pushed the boundaries of smartphone cameras even further. We feel these three are the basic qualifications for any device to be called as a flagship smartphone. However, to bring down the price of the device in emerging markets, HTC quietly listed the new variant of HTC 10, which comes with different SoC and RAM configuration. The company calls it HTC 10 Lifestyle. The emerging markets will get it instead of Snapdragon 820 powered HTC 10. The new variant is not as powerful as HTC 10, so HTC is trying to reduce the device price here to make it available for even more people.

The HTC 10 Lifestyle packs same display, cameras and battery but at the heart of it, the device is powered by Snapdragon 652 chipset clocked at 1.8GHz, which is an Octa-core processor comes with 4 x Cortex-A72 cores and 4 x Cortex-A53 cores. The RAM also bumped down from 4GB to 3GB. In addition, users will get Adreno 510 GPU instead of best-in-class Adreno 530. The processing package is definitely underpowered one when you compare to the actual HTC 10, but HTC said that they made enough software optimizations to deliver the smoothest experience like a high-end model. This is up to the user point of view, if you are a budget player, then it might turn out to be the happiest news for you or money is not your cup of coffee, then you may feel sad to miss the high-end version.

HTC 10 Lifestyle

To slim down the issue, we don’t get the actual strategy behind it since the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is selling its Mi 5 with Snapdragon 820 on board, which is available for just INR 25,000 in India. HTC India is surely not going to sell the HTC 10 Lifestyle for less than INR 35000, so it is interesting to see what HTC has to say for this. We agree that the build quality, camera experience, and other things are better with HTC 10, but HTC needs to take a look at its strategy one more time, at least in rapidly growing markets like India. To let you, the Indonesia will also be getting the HTC 10 Lifestyle. We have to wait and see, how many more countries will fall in this category.

We recommend you to check the respective HTC official websites for more information. Let us know in the comment section below, which version of the HTC 10 has been listed in your country.


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