HTC One mini 2 factory data reset

 If you want to reset your Htc One mini 2 and you don’t know how to do it you are in right place because I will show you.It’s very easy just read this tread.

 Use this option if you want to delete your personal data, if your Android is running slow or if you have various problems with the phone software.


-You do this at your own risk! Make sure your phone battery is fully charged!

-Take your sim card and memory card from the phone before the reset.

-All data will be erased from your PHONE NAME storage, including your Google account, system and app data, device settings, downloaded apps, music, pictures, all other user data, the decyption key for files on the SD card (you cannot use encrypted files on the SD card after you reset your device to factory defaults)

-Please, if you can, make a backup before!

How to factory reset:

Go to Settings/Backup and reset

Click on “Reset phone”

Click on “Erase all data” and then click “Ok”

Now relax and wait 🙂

For more details you can watch here the video tutorial:    

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