Hyper-V: How to Clone a Virtual Machine in Windows 10 – review information

Clone a VM in hyper v, which can make a copy of an existing virtual machine without install again. It is a great useful feature; however, Hyper-V doesn’t provide any straightforward options for us to create. Accordingly, let’s see two workarounds below of how to clone a virtual machine in Hyper-V Windows 10 with ease.

how to clone a virtual machine in Hyper-V Windows 10

Here are two options you can try below:


Before cloning a virtual machine in Hyper-V, we need to run the system prepare tool (Also named Sysprep.exe in the host machine) if the virtual machine joins to Active Directory (AD) domain on the same network. It would wipe the unique security identifier (SID) and prevent two computers from having the same IP or name. Run system preparation tool won’t cost too much time or cause any damage of your Windows files.

Step 1: Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32Sysprep. Double-click on the Sysprep.exe file to run the entire Windows setup process.

run sysprep before clone vm

Step 2: Select Enter System Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) from the drop-down, check the box of Generalize and choose Shutdown as the image below. Tap OK to begin.

system preparation tool

Option 1: How to Clone a Virtual Machine via Export and Import

Step 1: In Hyper-V Manager windows, select a virtual machine and click on Export on the right panel.

export virtual machine

Step 2: Specify a location to save the files and then tap on Export.

spacify where you want to save the files

Step 3: Click on Import Virtual Machine.

import virtual machine

Step 4: Click on Next and locate the folder that you export above.

before you begin

locate folder

Step 5: Select a virtual machine and choose import type.

select virtual machine

choose import type

Step 6: Choose a new or existing folder for virtual machine.

choose destination

Step 7: Choose a folder to the imported virtual hard disk.

choose storage folders

Step 8: Tap on Finish to complete the import wizard.

completing import wizard

Option 2: How to clone a virtual machine by copying the virtual hard disk

Step 1: Right-click on the virtual machine that you want to clone and select Settings.

Step 2: Click on Hard Drive in the left panel. Then you can see where the location of the virtual hard disk is.

view hard drive location

Step 3: Locate to the folder of the virtual hard disk and right-click to copy it. Rename the cloned virtual hard disk.

Step 4: Click on Action > New > Virtual Machine from the menu bar.

create new virtual machine

Step 5: Follow the New Virtual Machine Wizard to create a new one. In the Connect Virtual Hard Disk, select Use an existing virtual hard disk. Click on Browse to locate to the cloned virtual hard disk. Tap on Next to complete the wizard.

connect virtual hard disk

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