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On February 26, 2016,
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I have an I9505 bought from Hong Kong, for use in the UK. However, 97% of the time there is no network, and 99.9% no 3G or 4G.

It is not the SIM card – I have tried several. The APNs are setup correctly. The phone should be network unlocked and, to my knowledge, it has not been blacklisted or stolen.

The software IMEI matches the hardware IMEI. This is the output from the Phone INFO Samsung app:

i DOT imgur DOT com FORWARDSLASH bDnst2i DOT jpg

(I cant post links yet, so kindly resolve the bolded words to symbols to see the picture)

Does anyone recognise this problem? It looks like an invalid product code. The Knox warranty was intact but Samsung refused to to be helped me fix it. So I tried flashing custom roms instead, which broke the Knox warranty. I tried custom roms and that didnt solve the problem. Ive tried UK firmware and Hong Kong firmware too – the problem is still there:

No network, even though the phone shows a network signal.

Does it want further unlocking, perhaps? But I dont have access to a Z3X or Octopus box. Someone has told me that a Riff Jtag box will fix it, but I dont have one of those either, and dont know how to find someone Along with one. I live in London, UK.

Any ideas?

I9505 – No Network samsung Issues and (Questions) its I9505 – No Network samsung Issues and (Questions) its I9505 – No Network samsung Issues and (Questions) its


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