IDC: Over 1.45 Billion Smartphone Units Shipped in 2015

‎International Data Corporation (IDC) has released the report of worldwide smartphone shipments for the year 2015. The stats shows smartphone vendors, volume of shipments, market share and year-over-year growth. ‎

According to the IDC report, over 1.43 billion smartphone units shipped in 2015, making it the highest shipment year on record yet and this translates to a 10.1% year-over-year growth increase over last year (2014) which saw over 1.3 billion smartphones shipped.‎


Samsung shipped a total of 324.8 million units, seeing just 2.1% year-over-year growth increase and holding on to 22.7% market share while Apple shipped a total of 231.5 million units, resulting in a 20.2% YoY increase and 16.2% market share. 

Huawei thrived well, seeing a 44.3% YoY growth increase on the 106.6 million units shipped and having a market share of 7.4%. Lenovo (74 million units, 24.5% YoY increase) and Xiaomi (70.8 million units, 22.8% YoY increase) round up the top 5 with their respective 5.2% and 4.9% market shares.‎


For the last quarter of 2015 (Q4 2015), smartphone shipments hit the 399.5 million mark, resulting in a 5.7% year-over-year growth and compared to the 377.8 million units posted last year. Samsung shipped a total of 89.6 million units in this quarter followed by Apple (74.8 million) and Huawei (32.4 million). ‎

Source: IDC

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