iOS 9 Problems And Solutions

iOS 9 looks appealing and you will find many interesting features in it that makes it really an exception. But as any new platform arrives in the market, it will always accompany some problems along with it and iOS 9 is not an exception to that. So, the most common iOS 9 problems and solutions that the users have faced till now are listed here.

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iOS 9 Problems and their fixes:

Problem 1: Device is stuck on slide while upgrading the screen

This is a very common issue about which many iOS 9 users have been seen to complain so far. What happens here is the device gets stuck on the slide as you try to upgrade the screen and the screen becomes fully unresponsive after the update.

Solution 1

  • If you have already updated your device with iOS 9 and facing this issue then first connect the device with a computer to launch iTunes.
  • Next press the sleep/wake and home button together in your iPhone till it is appeared on the screen to connect the device with iTunes.
  • Now choose the Update when asked.
  • It will restore your device followed by which the users need to follow the onscreen instruction to set up the device.

Solution 2

  • The problem can also be fixed if you update the device with iOS 9.0.1.
  • Next head towards Settings> General> Reset> Erase all contents and Settings and select the right option to wipe the device.
  • Set up the device
  • Now restore from a backup selecting either the iCloud or iTunes when prompted.

 Problem 2: Touch screen is unresponsive

There are times when the touch screen of the iPhone and iPad become unresponsive and it no longer responds to the swipes. The problem can be fixed easily by following some of the easy steps.


  • First, press on the sleep/wake and home button together on your iPhone for around 10 seconds to reboot it. It might fix up the issue.
  • In case you have noticed that the issue is happening with only one specific app, then update it from the app store or else reinstall it after uninstalling.
  • Also a restore can fix up the issue sometimes. So connect the iPhone or iPad with a computer and follow the path File> Devices> Restore to restore from iTunes.

Problem 3: Wi-Fi issue: Wi-Fi is slow, won’t connect or disconnects

Wi-Fi issues are among common ones. Many iOS 9 users till date have complained about some wi-fi issue such as the connection is slow, refuse to connect or disconnect very frequently. Here are the fixes for that.


  • First, restart your device by pressing the sleep/wake and home button together for around 10 seconds. Restarting the router is also recommended as this small workaround could be helpful for you.
  • Next, set up a new connection. Head towards settings> Wi-Fi to select the problematic network and tap on ‘forget this network’. Now set up the connection again.
  • Reset the network settings by going to settings> General> Reset> reset network settings. Put the password again to set it up.
  • Sometimes it is the Wi-Fi assist that creates the Wi-Fi issue. So what you need to do is go to the Settings> Cellular data and scroll down till bottom to toggle on the ‘Wi-Fi assist’ feature.

  • Ensure the router firmware is updated.
  • If you are using the VPN service, check if it requires any special update for iOS 9. Also, go for uninstalling and reinstall the service if required.

Problem 4: Can’t turn on cellular data for some apps

Some iOS 9 users have reported having this issue where the cellular data do not work for some apps even though the option is made on by going to the settings. However, this is a very small issue which can be fixed just by following some easy steps.

  • First of all, restart the device by pressing the home and sleep/wake button.
  • Next, try to turn on the Airplane mode and then off it back to see if the problem is fixed.
  • Reset the network settings by going to settings> General> Reset> reset network settings. Put the password again to set it.
  • Also, reset the full settings by going to Settings> General> Reset> Reset all settings.
  • If the problem still persists, uninstall and then reinstall the app.
  • Finally you can fully wipe the device once to set it again. But install the apps manually to avoid the same issue.

Problem 5: Game centre stopped working

After updating the device OS to iOS 9, it has been noticed that the game center is not working properly for some users. Users have reported that as they trying to open the game center, a blank page is opening or else the device is freezing. Here are the fixes for that.


  • Restore the device first but not from backup as it will repeat the same issue.
  • Upgrade the device to iOS 9.0.1 or else downgrade to iOS 8.4 to fix up the issue.

Problem 6: Bluetooth issue

Just like Wi-Fi issue, many of the iOS 9 users have faced issue with Bluetooth in their iOS 9 devices where the connection is slow, refuse to connect or the connection drops frequently.


  • Reboot the device as this is a very useful step that can fix up many small and big issues in just seconds.
  • Set up the Bluetooth connection from scratch by going to settings> Bluetooth to tap on ‘forget the device’.
  • Try to delete the older files as sometimes the problem arise when the Bluetooth accessories reaches its limit.
  • Reset the network settings by going to settings> General> Reset> reset network settings.
  • You can also perform a factory reset if none of the above solutions work out.

Problem 7: Poor battery life

The battery life of your device should be improved once it is upgraded to iOS 9 but if you face the opposite picture, there must be some issues. Try out the mentioned fixes here.

Solutions #

  • Reboot the device first.
  • Next head towards settings> battery > battery usage to check what all apps are draining the most percentage of battery. If any such app is found, consider uninstalling it or else update it from the app store.
  • Reset the network settings from settings> General> Reset> reset network settings.
  • iOS 9 is equipped with low power mode. So you can turn this on by going to settings and battery.
  • Toggle off the iCloud keychain off by going to settings> iCloud and keychain. Next, turn it on again.

Problem 8: No notification sound and mute siri

Few iOS 9 users have claimed that the notification sound is very intermittent for incoming messages while it is not working at all for few apps. Here are the fixes for that issue.

Solutions #

  • First, check if the mute switch is on. Off it and increase the volume. Also, check the settings> do not disturb option and make the required changes.
  • Go to settings> Notification and turn off the option. Reboot the device and then turn it on again.
  • Reset the network settings from settings> General> Reset> reset network settings.
  • If your Siri is not working then follow the path Settings >General > Accessibility >VoiceOver > Speech and Default Dialectto select the one you want.

Problem 9: Facetime and iMessage activation is not working

Many people have reported that they have trouble to activate the iMessage and Facetime once their device is updated to iOS 9. The problem is very simple that can be fixed up easily. The fixes are mentioned below:

Solutions #

  • Turn off the iMessage and Facetime by going to settings and then reboot the device. Next, turn on both the option to see if the problem is fixed.

  • Reset the network settings by moving to settings> General> Reset> reset network settings.
  • Also check if the date and time of your device are set as correct. For that head to settings> General > Date & time and make the needed changes.
  • If none of the above works, contact the carrier. However, this problem is fixed with iOS 9.0.2 update.

Problem 10: Contact is not included in spotlight search

Spotlight search does not include the contact. This is the issue of many iOS 9 users however there is always fixes for all issues and you can fix up this one as well. The potential fixes are:


  • Open up the Settings and go to General> Spotlight search to check if the contact option is on.
  • Go to Contacts> Groups and then select the option ‘hide all contacts’ followed by which you are required to again select the ‘show all contacts’ option.
  • If the above options do not work out for you, turn off all the apps in spotlight searches by going to Settings> General> Spotlight searches and then again turn it on after rebooting the device once.

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