Know How To Post .gif images On facebook – Full review news

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Have you
ever wondered on how to post .gif images on facebook ..If ‘yes’ then your long
wait is going to be over now. There are thousands of the peoples in forums
asking the similar question “how to post a .gif image on facebook” but there is
nobody who can answer this Question because officially facebook doesn’t provide
a facility to upload and post .gif images.

To post a .gif image on facebook Or to set a .gif image as facebook timeline
cover follow these steps:

  • Login on your facebook account.

  • Click on This Link
    .You will see A animated image.(Animation of
    This Image is prevented by facebook  Since 6th August 2012 After Recent Facebook timeline Upgradation.
    So this image is not working now.we will shortly update this post with a new link.Sorry For Your Inconvenience.)

  • If you want to post that image on your wall simply clicks on “share” button.
    it will posted to your wall.

  • If you want to use that .gif image as facebook timeline cover than click On
    “tag photo” and tag yourself or whomever you want.

  • I will accept your tag request as soon as possible.
  • After that
    go to your profile Set that picture as your timeline cover.

Done!! View Your Profile You Had set a .gif image as your timeline cover.

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