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Better known for its computers and smartphones, Lenovo sprung a surprise at the just concluded MWC 2016, by launching Lenovo Connect – a new global wireless roaming service that connects across devices, networks and borders for customers in China and EMEA (‎Europe, Middle East and Africa).‎


Having about 11 million customers globally already, Lenovo is not a new player in the MVNO service scene. Lenovo Connect allows users enjoy local pricing on Internet access when they travel to more than 50 countries around the world, without installing new SIM cards or incurring roaming charges. They will also enjoy secure data connectivity at competitive rates.‎

The service kicks-off in China on select Lenovo smartphones and laptops via the Lenovo Connect app this month, starting with the LeMeng X3 smartphone and MIIX 700 tablet. Select tablets and laptops are expected to join up later this year.

It will be available in ‎the EMEA anytime this quarter (Q1 2016) for various Thinkpad devices in 45 different countries and also, the service will initially support ‎both domestic and international roaming use in more than 110 countries globally.‎

With the dawn of 5G and the Internet of Things, we expect to see the telecom market expand exponentially,” Lenovo vice president Wang Shuai said in a statement. “Lenovo Connect and our MVNO services will help move us into the new, globally connected world by creating a seamless smart connection across networks, services and devices.”

Source: Lenovo‎

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