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Android P 9.0 Update for Xiaomi Phones | Full List |

Meta- Are looking to know if your Xiaomi smartphone is going to feel the love of Android P 9.0 update? Just read my article to find out everything about this new Android release.

If you are an avid Android user then you know how every new update feels like. With Android P 9.0 being released out to the world, you must be wondering if your smartphone maker will be releasing the update.

2018 has already seen Google roll out the Android P 9.0 update for Pixel XL, Google Pixel and the rest. But, what about your device that is not a Google device? Well, the good news is, that if you own a Xiaomi smartphone then your smartphone is going to see the new Android P 9.0 update.

List of Xiaomi Mi devices Getting Android P 9.0 Update

Features of the new Android P 9.0 Update

One of the best things you are about to get with new Android P 9.0 update is a way better gesture navigation. With their sleek new innovation, it totally works with your Xiaomi smartphones. Not to forget that the digital wellbeing of your smartphone is going to dramatically improve.

And, if you are someone like me who loves experimenting with themes then be assured that Android P 9.0 is giving you optional light and dark themes too. With an advanced and improved notification system, your smartphone is not going to lose out on any important information after this Android update.

But, here is something for the introverts like me using Xiaomi smartphones and are looking forward to the new Android P 9.0 update, you are about to get a new and re-furnished Do Not Disturb mode. So, just put those annoying notifications away and enjoy your free time just like you want it.

And, if you are looking for an advanced access to features of apps then this new Android update also comes with improved slices and apps. This just means you are not going to get bored with your Xiaomi phone any time soon.
Android P 9.0 is also coming with exciting visual changes that are sure to keep you hooked to your Xiaomi smartphone.

I have collected that Xiaomi is now officially on the European market and the software update rules are pretty tight and strict there. But, since the Android P 9.0 update is already on Google devices, getting it on your Xiaomi phone is not going to be an issue. Even the MI series.

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Even if you think of display, you are about to get a whole new navigation tray on your display making it easier for you. An absolutely re-vamped design right down to the volume bar is what you can look forward to. Even the UX/UI design is more oval giving you a very sleek look to your Xiaomi smartphone.

With more advanced app predictions, you can be sure that you will not be cluttered with unwanted app suggestions and downloads.

List of Xiaomi Mi devices to get the Android P 9.0 Update

If you are looking for the update on your Mi 6 phone then you may have to wait till 2019 but Mi 8 series are getting the Android P 9.0 beta version.

  • The Mi 7 (Not announced yet)
  • Also, Mi 7 Plus (Not announced yet)
  • Of course, Mi 6
  • Clearly, Mi 6 Plus
  • And, Mi Mix 2s
  • Not forgetting, Mi Mix 2
  • Definitely, Mi A1
  • Of, course Mi A2
  • But, Mi Max 3 (Not announced yet)

Xiaomi Redmi Phones getting the Android P 9.0 Update

Redmi Note 5 Pro, is not actually eligible for the Android P 9.0 beta update. But, you will see that they are co-operating with Google to bring Snapdragon-powered phones to run on Android P 9.0. And the phones that run on SD 660 and the SD 636 will be considered following.

You will see that the Xiaomi Mi A1 and the Mi A2, which are Android One devices will be getting the new update from Android as Google devices have already.


The Android P 9.0 update is a very resourceful update for all smartphones and if you are a Xiaomi user you will not have to worry about it, as you can easily find your device from the above list. I hope the list has helped you find your required update for your Xiaomi phone. And, in case, I have missed out any device, do let me know in the comments section.

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