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WordPress-automatic-background-updates-have-landed-720x373Nerds On Site has launched a new FREE service for all our hosted clients that use WordPress as the basis of their website.  If you run a WordPress website on our hosting service, you can enable “Managed WordPress Maintenance” mode in your NerdsISP control panel.  This new feature costs you nothing, but adds a considerable amount of value to your hosting service.  This package includes a few features and requirements, all of which are listed below.  When you enable this feature, you get

  • Forced SSL.  Forced SSL mode is a requirement of this feature, and ensures that all visitors to your website are protected so that malicious entities cannot watch their usage of your website.  This feature increases the privacy and safety of your site visitors, while making your site slightly better defended against hackers.
  • Regular Security Updates. Our team will regularly update you website with all the latest security and feature patches from WordPress, ensuring that your site remains as secure as possible.
  • Advanced Hack Detection.  While all hosting clients already get our 3-pronged hack detection system, by enabling this feature you will allow our team to turn on an advanced WordPress-specific hack detection system that will automatically protect your site against WordPress attacks.

In addition, when you enable “Managed WordPress Maintenance” mode

  • You allow and give permission to our team to access your WordPress dashboard and to have ‘Administrator’ level access to your site.
  • You allow and give permission to our team ensure your site is always running the latest version of WordPress.
  • You allow and give permission to our team to ensure that your site always has the latest and most up-to-date themes and plugins.
  • You allow and give permission to our team to add any plugins that we feel are necessary to ensure the security of your website.
  • You allow and give permission to our team to remove any plugins and themes that we feel are unnecessary or that we feel harm your website.

This mode can be turned off at any time through the NerdsISP control panel, and when you turn off this mode you will remove our permissions to access your site.


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