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After launching the smartphones, consumer electronics such as LED TV, etc which are not just affordable but also bears decent looks and design Micromax is stepping into an entire new segment. This time it is not television or laptop that we are talking about instead popular Indian manufacturer has launched its first range of air conditioners three of them are Split AC while other one is Window AC. These ACs will be manufactured in Uttrakhand only under the campaign of “Make in India”.

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Rajesh Aggarwal co-founder of Micromax said in an interview that with their range of AC they are trying to penetrate deep in the Indian market and are trying to improve the lifestyle of the Indian consumers.

Very obviously when you are selling ACs you need to have service centers as well because ACs need servicing every year and for that company has also set up Service centers as well. As we know that Micromax is known for delivering devices at affordable price tags and they mainly target the audience who can’t afford premium brands, we can expect these ACs to be available in pocket friendly prices.

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USP of these ACs can be considered as their new ECCO Blu technology that helps in protecting the condenser from moisture and hence enhance the life of the condenser up to 3 times. Apart from that these ACs also come up with “turbo cooling” feature, with the help of this feature rooms can be cooled at faster rate. Apart from that there is another feature called Volatile Organic Compound filter (VOC) that helps in removing the chemicals with the help of various oxidizing agents.

These ACs are also fitted along with Vitamin C filter and Catechin filters, these filter help in augmenting the quality of the air. If you are feeling that the room is having extra moisture then even this extra moisture can be removed with the help of De-humidification feature. There is an additional feature called “auto cleaning” that aids in removing harmful bacteria and hence removing bad odour.

There will be two variants available for these ACs: 1.5 tonne and 2 tonne. These ACs will be priced in the slab of 20,000 to 30,000 and can be easily bought from the offline retailer stores. There are no words on whether these ACs are also available online or not. Good thing is that Micromax is also offering warranty of 5 years on the compressor and other functional parts of the ACs.

Following models are launched and listed on the official site.

  1. Micromax Windows AC acw18ed3cs01whi
  2. Micromax Split AC (ALU) acs18ed5as01whi
  3. Micromax Split AC (3 Star) acs18ed3cs01whi
  4. Micromax Split AC (5 Star) acs18ed5cs01whi


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