Microsoft Lumia 550 – How to delete/remove an account from an Windows 10…

 To delete or remove an account from an Microsoft Lumia device with Windows 10 on it, go to:Settings/Accounts/Your email and accounts.Click on the account that you want to remove then click on “Manage” and select “Delete”

   If you have an Microsoft account on your phone (Hotmail,, or, there’s no
way to remove or change it without resetting your phone.

  If you don’t belive me just read this link:

   To factory reset your phone go to :Settings/System/About and select ” Reset your phone”


-You do this at your own risk! Make sure your phone battery is fully charged!

-Take your sim card and memory card from the phone before the reset!

-Read carefully the annotations provided in this video tutorial!

-All data will be erased from your Microsoft Lumia 550!