Microsoft now makes an app that identifies dog breeds! –

Microsoft has been working on its software portfolio since a good time, and it isn’t just the serious Windows OS business that we are talking about. After a not-so-accurate age prediction tool that they made in the recent past, the Project Oxford AI tech is used to now identify the breed of a dog whose photo you upload.

Artificial Intelligence is not for serious outcomes, and thus, Microsoft is coming up with these fun projects. Of course, we are not seeing the What-Dog project as a very accurate one since it came up with different results for photos of the same dog captured from different angles.

What Dog Fetch app

Hey, if you think it can guess only the dog breeds, you are wrong. Upload your picture and you will be told how closely you resemble a particular breed. While you can use this on your browser, there is an iOS app available as well. The iOS app is said to have more features, including data about each dog breed, and a percentage meter that shows how close if the uploaded picture to the dog they have in the database.

These two prediction and identifying tools aren’t the only ones that Microsoft has made. Out of the list of Garage projects, one is the Mimicker Alarm that wakes you up with some fun. Tossup is another app from the team that helps in planning a meetup with friends easier.

Have a pet whose breed you already know of, but still want to have some fun in checking how accurate the tool is? upload a pic and check!


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