Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter using Miracast technology announced for $49.95 –

Microsoft has announced their latest accessory, a wireless display adapter which lets Windows 10 users to mirror their screen on a monitor or TV. The display adapter uses miracast technology to establish a private wireless connection between your Windows Phone, Tablets or laptop (including the Surface line up) and the display dongle on monitor or TV.

The device measures 4.07x87x0.43 in and the length of the cable is 300mm, the device weighs 33.1 grams. This is the second generation of the wireless display adapter, the first generation was launched in 2014. The adapter is also certified by Intel Wireless Display (Wi-Di) and works with 2-in-1s and tablet devices with Intel Wi-Di capability.

Microsoft Wireless display adapter

The wireless technology used is making it easier for many users like lecturers along with offices and businessmen can connect it wireless to overhead projector and project their screen without the need of any wires etc. It can also be used by students and others to connect their devices wireless to TV or Monitors and control if from their couch to watch movies etc on the big screen.

Microsoft Wireless display adapter for Windows 10

The wireless display adapter is already available for Pre-order on Microsoft Store website at a price of $49.95 and is said to start shipping on March 1. The device will be available from Amazon, Best Buy and Microsoft Store from March 1st.


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