Movistar Spain Wap/GPRS/MMS/Internet Manual Settings (Configuration) – Best news Full report

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Looking for Movistar Spain GPRS Manual Settings/Configurations, Movistar Spain MMS Configuration, Movistar Spain Internet Manual Settings, Movistar Spain WAP Manual Configuration? Here is the solution to all these configurations/settings. Just configure as per given information and start using Movistar Spain Internet, MMS, GPRS services on your phone.

Movistar Spain GPRS Settings :

Movistar Spain Manual WAP/GPRS Settings:
Connection name: Movistar WAP
Data bearer: GPRS
Access point name:
User name : WAPTM
Password : WAPTM
Authentication: Normal
Homepage :
Proxy server IP address:
Proxy port number: 8080

Movistar Spain Manual MMS Settings:

Connection name: Movistar MMS
Data bearer: GPRS
Access point name:
User name: MOVISTAR@mms
Password: MOVISTAR
Authentication : Normal
Proxy server IP address:
Proxy port Number : 8080

Movistar Internet(OLD) Settings:

Connection Name: Movistar ES
Access Point Name (APN):
Authentication : Normal
Username: movistar
Password: movistar
Data bearer: GPRS
IP :
DNS movistar:,

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