Nerds Hosting: What Can You Expect? Point In Time Backups – Best news article

This article is one in a series of articles describing some of the actions you can expect to be covered free of charge by the Nerds Hosting Support team.

Our hosting comes standard with nightly backups for all our clients.  You don’t have to turn anything on, you don’t have to configure anything – every night we’ll automatically backup everything!  Sometimes, however, you may wish you could take a special, out of sync backup before you do something special to your website – just to cover your bases.  Can this be done?

YES!  Our team can take a special point-in-time backup of your website whenever you request it.  Just open a support ticket to our team and request a special backup, and we’ll take care of it for you!  A point-in-time backup doesn’t take more than a few minutes for our team to run, and we’ll let you know when it’s complete.

Be Supported

Wondering how to get support for your website?  This is as easy as logging into your account at and clicking the Help & Support button.  Our team is spread out over many countries, so we will always respond quickly!  If you’d like, we’ve created a video tutorial describing the process:


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