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All is not well for the buzz creator company Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. Its promise of Rs.251 smartphone is felt so unreal to the government that Income Tax Officials & Police have raided its lone office situated in Sec. 63 NOIDA.

Ringing Bells office Noida Sec 63

What products company launched – Freedom 251 @ Rs.251 and Bell Smart 101 4G smartphone @ Rs.2999.

The Freedom 251 is the real buzz creator as it is launched at Rs.251 only! Even a feature is not available at this price and this phone sports a 4-inch touchscreen display, Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, and 3G network support! Its first booking day was marked with glitches in their website and they paused the sale for 24 hours. Since yesterday it is available for pre-booking but that is just the first step, the next step will be payment of Rs.291 (Rs.251 + Rs.40 shipping). You will get following message after the first step completion :

Thank You for placing your order. This is sincerely appreciate your clear understanding that for every unique email id you may register one phone only. We will email you the link for payment within 48 hours to your registered unique email id [email protected] to complete your purchase.

Now 24 hours have passed since I booked yesterday but I still have not received any payment email.


Government is right in its action as Rs.251 sounds too unreal for a such smartphone and that too from an almost unknown company run by some unknown people who have no experience in this business. Most experts in the industry also have doubts that this might be a big fraud like a ponzi scheme. There are no source of funding mentioned by the company and neither they have revealed where they will get this phone manufactured.  The company was registered just few months back and all the four directors are family members of Mr. Goel. One of the the director is Mr. Goels wife whom he recently married and one director is his father who runs a grocery store in a UP town Shamli. The phone has longest delivery time of 4 month and all deliveries will be done by 30 June 2016.

Ringing Bells director Mohit Goel said that he has met his target of 25 lakh initial bookings of Freedom 251 (but phone is still available for booking online!) and the money collected from the bookings will stay in escrow till he delivers the phone by 30 June 2016.

“If need be, we will also keep Goel’s documents and passport with us till he delivers,“ said Deputy SP Anoop Singh said


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