Root Lenovo K6 Note Using 100% Working Method With Simple Steps

Do you want to root Lenovo K6 Note? If you don’t know already, Kingoroot and other one-touch rooting solutions don’t work for this phone as of now.

So the only solution is to go the long way and install the root on this phone manually. To make things easier and simpler for you, I’ve turned this tutorial into a few easy steps.

Lenovo K6 Note

Simply follow these steps and this cumbersome rooting method would look pretty simple. If you face any issues, don’t forget to comment and let me know so that I can reach out and provide personal help to root Lenovi K6 Note.

Start by downloading important files

Begin by downloading and installing the following files.

Enable USB debugging

USB Debugging

Now it’s time you enable USB debugging on your phone. You won’t be able to root it unless you do this step. Follow the simple instructions below.

  • Go to Settings in your phone.
  • Go to About from Settings.
  • Locate Build Number and tap on it eight times simultaneously to enable developer mode.
  • Now go back to Settings and locate Developer Mode.
  • From Developer Mode, turn on OEM Unlock. You may have to provide your security PIN to enable this setting.
  • Scroll down and locate Enable USB Debugging. Tap on it to activate the setting.

Finally, connect your phone to your PC. It will automatically installed phone drivers. It should take a minute or so.

Unlock your phone

Run the boot unlocker tool for Lenovo that you downloaded earlier. The tool will start unlocking your phone. Typically, it should take a few minutes so be patients.

Once the unlocking is complete, you will see a prompt on the screen telling you that your phone is unlocked.

Flash modified boot image on your phone

Now it’s time for us to install the modified boot image on your phone. For this, you will need to flash the boot file your downloaded earlier in the first step.

Lenovo K6 Note

You need to flash this file to your phone because you can’t root the standard image. It’s impossible to install TWRP, which means we won’t be able to root manually.

Modified boot image solves this problem.

To flash this file to your phone, simply follow these steps. Make sure you follow instructions accurately to avoid bricking your phone.

  • Do you remember your downloaded platform-tools in step 1? Create a new folder on your PC in C drive and name it Android. Now move the tools you downloaded earlier to this newly created folder. You will also need to move the modified boot image (boot.img) to this folder.
  • Go to the folder and right-click on the empty screen somewhere. From the options, click “Open Prompt Here”.
  • Now reboot your phone and connect it your computer.
  • Now type the following code in the command prompt that you opened earlier.
    • “adb reboot-bootloader”
    • “fastboot flash boot boot.img”
  • Now reboot your device by entering the following command in the command prompt that you have already opened.

Install TWRP to Root K6 Note

Now it’s time to install TWRP, which will allow us to eventually root our device.

It’s important to note that you can’t install TWRP on this phone unless you have completed the above step. Once you have flashed the modified boot image, this step will become doable.

Follow these easy steps to complete the installation.

  • Restart your phone in recovery mode.
  • Locate ‘install’ and tap on it.
  • Provide the path to TWRP file that you downloaded earlier.
  • Let the installation finish.

Install SuperSU and root Lenovo K6 Note


Simply boot your phone into the recovery mode. You should see the options for TWRP recovery if you have flashed it properly in the last step.

Locate ‘install’ and provide the path to SuperSU file that you downloaded earlier. Let the process finish before you do anything.

Now you have done the root Lenovo K6 Note successfully. To verify root status for this phone, simply download a root-checking app. Run the app to see the root status of your device.


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