Samsung Galaxy J3: What Makes It To Buy? – review of the information

Despite facing huge criticism, Samsung, the famous tech-giant, has performedterrificallyin the budget smartphone market. The company launched some mind-boggling beauties in the sub-10k price category, and is still offering stupendous deals for budget smartphone buyers.Not long before, the South Korean giantmade a strong impression with the powerful Galaxy J2. The phone was very impressive, but was not at par with players like Moto G3 and Lenovo K4 Note!

samsung galaxy j3

Well now, looks like, the ball is in Samsung’s court, and the company is set to make a strong comeback with powerful and nicely priced Galaxy J3. The successor of Samsung Galaxy J2, not only brings improved specs, but also features a whole new look and feel. It sits perfectly as an ideal budget phone, and poses some serious threats against the likes of renowned budget players!

So now, let’s take a quick look and see what makes Galaxy J3 one of the best choices in the highly-competitive budget smartphone market:

  1. A sleek form-factor

After facing huge criticism for design, Samsung has finally created an impressive masterpieceand that too at a very low price.The new Galaxy J3 includes same elements, but is very differentfrom old-school Samsung smartphones.It tips just at 7.9mm and is comfortable enough to hold and carry.You can get the best of its compact form-factor, and can carry it along anywhere you like.
In fact, Galaxy J3 makes up an ideal package for on-the-go users, and looks stunning from every angle, especially, in the new Gold colour variant which ships alongside the tradition Black and White options!

  1. The power of Super AMOLED

A major USP of Samsung Galaxy J3 is its majestically crafted 5.0-inch HD Super AMOLED display. Unlike most budget phones, Galaxy J3 sports a beautiful HD display with prolific colour reproduction capabilities. It offers an incredible visual experience with lifelike details and perfect viewing angles. Whether you’re watching a full HD movie or playing a high-end game, the quality of visual output on this handset is remain absolutely perfect.

It is also worth noting that the top of the black area of the screen is slightly stretched to embrace a better viewing experience with enhanced overall vision of space! It endows big-screen experience with subtle perfection.

  1. Superb Performance

For dedicated gamers and movie-buffs, Samsung Galaxy J3 is the best option to count on. The power-packed handset incorporates a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz coupled with 1.5GB of RAM. It packs enormous power for seamless work and play, and handles multi-tasking quite effectively. The manufacturer and generation of this Chipset is not highlighted by Samsung, but in our opinion, it is not a big issue of concern, as the performance standards of the 4G handset are right on the mark!

  1. Excellent Camera Performance

Another plus side of Samsung Galaxy J3 is its superb camera performance. The device incorporates an ideal camera setup for on-the-go photographers. It features an 8-megapixel main camera and a 5-megapixel front-facing shooter with LED flash and a bunch of new and old features.The main camera of the handset captures vibrant images and 1080p videos with perfection, while the selfie-camera caters selfie-freaks by producing outstanding wide angle selfies. Overall, the camera performance of this handset is really good, and is perfectly complemented by Samsung’s smooth yet very impressive camera app. The dedicated camera app from Samsung includes several new features and launches instantly by double-clicking the Home screen status information button!

  1. Terrific Battery Performance

Thanks to Samsung’s ultra-power saving mode, Galaxy J3 is a perfect companion for continuous work and play.This time, the LTE enabled smartphone makes a strong impression with its very-impressive 2600 mAh battery.It promises up to 15 hours of 3G talk time and 50 hours of music playback on routine usage with few calls and web-surfing.The same battery capacity can be quite disappointing in other smartphones, but in this case, with a very well optimized software, it performs effectively enhanced power-backup.

  1. Samsung Smart Manager

Samsung Galaxy J3 also includes Smart Manager system management tool, which helps in monitoring different functions such as, battery use, virus scanning, and much more.This feature plays a significant role in improving Smartphone’s performance, and gives a properreportat the end for better analysis and optimization.

  1. Advanced LTE capabilities

It is also worth noting that Samsung Galaxy J3 integrates advanced LTE capabilities with usual connectivity options (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G HSPA+, A-GPS, and GPRS/EDGE). The power-packed phone features Cat.4 LTE technology, and delivers blazing download and upload speeds up to 150Mbps and 50Mbps. This is actually quite impressive, as only a few smartphone manufacturers have managed to offer this feature in the sub-10k price category!

  1. Pricing strategy from Samsung

The pricing strategyfrom Samsung will play a big part in the success of Galaxy J3. Most probably, the company will launch this handset at a price around 8-9k, which will be fairly impressive for budget buyers. However, if this handset comes at something around 7-8k, it will be a deal like no other. Though the chances are less, if it happens, Samsung will regain its rule quite comfortably!

To sum up, we can say, Samsung Galaxy J3 is one of the best kids on the block. The power-packed 4G phone features a brilliant combination of several elements including good looks, smooth performance, and long-lasting battery backup. It makes up an ideal package for budget phone buyers, and is a perfect competitor for Moto G Gen3. In fact, not just Moto G3, Galaxy J3 can take a dig against leading players includingthose with high-end specs as well!

In a nutshell, the upcoming handset from Samsung will bring some serious changes in the budget smartphone market. The competition is already too stiff, and introduction of a new player will create more confusions for would be smartphone buyers, but all these qualities clearly define that Galaxy J3 is an exemplary masterpiece, and will offer a lot more than expected in every category!


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