Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) – Insert SIM Card / Audio Problems – ways to solve samsung not working ? Latest News

On April 11, 2016,
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Good day! I am new Along with smartphone electronics. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 (SM-G900F) water damaged.

1. WiFi – Working
2. Sensors – Working
3. Bluetooth – Working
4. NFC – Grey / Unable to Turn On (No SIM Card Inserted)
5. Buttons – Working
6. Power – Working
7. Ports – Working
8. Vibration – Working

9. Speakers – Not Working
10. Ear Piece – Not Working
11. SIM Card – Not Detected (Even if there is a SIM Card inserted)

12. Signal Bar – Working (Even if there is no SIM Card detected)
13. Camera – Working

The phone really turns on, working, and so fine. However, there are issues which should be addressed. There is no SIM Card detected. Is there a SIM Card IC which should be reball or re-hot? I think there is a problem also Along with the Audio IC, I already re-hot it, however no success. kindly to be helped, I do not have any Samsung Galaxy S5 SIM Card Ways.


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