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The latest Android version that’s now available is called Marshmallow which replaces Lollipop. Several phone models are now getting this update including the #Samsung #Galaxy #S6. A lot of improvements and features have been included in this update which makes the device perform better. There are however instances when issues can occur on the device right after the update has been installed. This is what we will be discussing today as we tackle the Galaxy S6 apps not working after Marshmallow update issue.

Samsung GalaxY S6

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S6 Email Program Not Working After Marshmallow Update

Problem: After upgrading to marshmallow my email programs are not working properly with wifi on.  Turn off wifi and they work perfectly.  Can’t download apps from store with wifi on.  Great without wifi. Contacted Samsung and they said they are aware of problem and waiting for patch from Google. Can you help now?

Solution: If Samsung is aware of the problem then it could be caused by a bug in the update which could only be resolved by a software patch. You could however do some troubleshooting on your end to check if the issue gets resolved.

  • Delete the Wi-Fi connection from your phone then add it again.
  • Toggle the airplane mode by turning it on then off.
  • Try to reset your network settings by going to Settings > Backup and reset > Network settings reset > Reset settings.
  • Backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S6 Google Play Music App Goes Offline Mode After Marshmallow Update

Problem: When using the google play music app and the youtube app it keeps going on offline mode and i’m unable to download the music or videos that i want this problem only began after the marshmallow update.

Solution: Try clearing the cache and data of the Google Play Music app and the YouTube then check if the issue still occurs. If the issue still occurs clear the cached data of all apps by going to Settings > Storage and USB > Cached data > OK.

If the issue still persists then do the following in recovery mode. Move to the next step if the issue remains unresolved.

  • Wipe the cache partition of your phone
  • Backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S6 App Shuts Down After Marshmallow Update

Problem: Before this recent update, I had no problem streaming music or news with my phone.  Now, when I start streaming or running an app, the app shuts down within 1-2 minutes of listening.  This is not due to connection issues.  It also happens when I am connecting to wi-fi.

Solution: When an app does not work properly after an update you should try to clear its cache and data first. You can do this by going to settings and application manager. Once this is done check if the issue still occurs.

If the problem still persists then proceed with wiping the cache partition of your phone from recovery mode. This deletes the temporary data of the device which could be causing the problem.

Finally, if the above steps fail I recommend that you backup your phone data then do a factory reset. This will eliminate any old software data that could still be in your phone and is causing this problem.

S6 Google Music Not Playing After Marshmallow Update

Problem: Hi, I am having a problem with my google music app. After the recent update I feel that has messed with the loading of my music. When my data is at LTE and wifi is connected google music says  “cannot play song because I’m not connected to the internet ” even though I am. I never had this problem before the update. I went as far as contacting google and even spoke with them. I cleared the cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Signed out and signed back in. It’s driving me insane. My music won’t play even though I have service or on wifi. PLEASE HELP. THANKS

Solution: This could be caused by a software bug that should be resolved in a future patch. Right now you should check if a factory reset can help solve this problem. Make sure to backup your phone data before doing this procedure.

S6 Apps Uninstall On Its Own

Problem: Is it normal for an app to uninstall by itself on an S6? I haven’t had this issue with my phone, but someone else with the same phone says the Moves App & others uninstalled from their phone spontaneously. I have the same apps and wanted to know if there were known issues with this on these devices.  Thanks so much for any help.

Solution: The app in the phone should not uninstall on its own unless specifically uninstalled by the user. It’s possible that the app may be installed in the microSD card and when the card gets corrupted the app disappears from the phone.

S6 Garmin Connect Stopped Working After Marshmallow Update

Problem: The Garmin connect app has stopped working since the marshmallow update on Sunday. It says unfortunately connect had stopped. No joy from Garmin

Solution: Try clearing the cache and data of the Garmin app. If that does not work uninstall the app then download the latest version from the Google Play Store.

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