Samsung I9300 – No audio during calls , reactivation of samsung ? Latest News

On January 8, 2016,
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Galaxy S3 I9300 No audio during calls ( no mic,receiver,speaker and headset).Can make and receive calls.Ringer is also working.
But it works fine when using skype and fring.

reason:used skype call and left it idle and when the gsm call received, audio went off.

hard reset— not recovered

flashed Along with odin different firmwares–not recovered

flashed custom rom C9——-not recovered

updated to jelly bean 4.1.1—-not recovered

replaced headset jack——-not recovered

flashed Along with SPT box I9300XXALEF—- lost network (only circle)

repaired imei and unlocked in SPT—–S/N-00000000,not registered on network

What may be the solution.Is it hardware or software issue.
Any idea will be appreciated.



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