Smart Hub is being updated – Samsung Smart Tv Problems

One’s evening you turn on your Samsung smart Tv and when you try to access Smart Hub you will saw the message “Smart Hub is being updated. Please try again later“. After a few minutes, you can access the smart hub but there is nothing… No apps and no Samsung apps to download again…

After trying a few times to turn On/Off saw the same massage. Write to Samsung customers supports and after few hours get an answer with some steps what to do:

1: Change DNS from auto to or

2: Access to wi-fi with another point (from phone)

3: Hard reset Smart Hub.

After doing these steps nothing help me. My TV UE42F5300 and the version firmware are 2127.

Also doing a hard reset all tv not only Smart Hub but get the same problems.

On Samsung community forum I find few threads with the same or similar problems and there I find few answered that helped someone solve similar problems with the update.

Samsung moderator recommends to do this:

  • Switch the TV off at the mains power supply.
  • Wait 30 seconds.
  • Power the TV back on.
  • Wait for 5 minutes. (Please note: Do not try to press the Home button on your remote control.)
  • After 5 minutes, press the Home button on your remote control.
  • Select the Apps icon. (Do not try to launch any app directly from the shortcut panel at the bottom of the screen.)
  • Select an app to launch.
  • From now on you can launch apps using the shortcuts in the panel at the bottom of the screen.

Some user with nick van_Robert recommend to do this:

  • #1 Please do a smart hub reset first, and DO NOT start the smart hub. The best if you unplug the NET cable (or switch off the WiFi access).
  • #2 Switch off and on your TV.
  • #3 Then press and HOLD your physical standby button( or joystick if any) on your TV for at least 3 seconds (5 is better…).
  • #4 Now, you can release the button.
  • #5 Within maximum 5-6 seconds press and HOLD the standby button on your REMOTE for 3 seconds too and then release.
  • #6 If you made it well, your TV will switch on and off 2 times and will restart in a virgin mode. If not, just repeat the steps #1-#5. Also, you can try to start from switched-on and switched-off status. As far as I remember, it worked from switched-on status, but I’m not sure.

User with Nick CyMel46 writes that this help to him:

I had this problem and tried many suggested fixes without success.
My tv was connected via a wired network. I disconnected the ethernet and connected via wi-fi. I was immediately able to download all apps that I wanted. I went back to a wired network and the problem has disappeared. TV is 2015 model UA48J6200.

But the best recommendation for me was from Crookie user:

  1.  With the remote control press the following keys in sequence:        —–Info -> Menu -> Mute -> Power.
  2. I repeated this twice and the Service Mode screen then appeared.
  3. Select the ‘Option‘ menu item.
  4. Select ‘Factory Reset‘.
  5. Wait for the TV to restart.
  6. If it doesn’t restart then restart it on remote 
  7. Followed the setup.

This deep hard reset really helped me to reanimate my Smart Hub. After setup and starts Smart Hub the app available to download and install. But after turn off and turn on have the same “Smart hub is being updated” but after a few seconds it went and Smart hub works fine. Some user says that this message is ok for this version of the firmware.

If you have similar problems and successfully solved it please write your experience in comments. Thanks


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