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With the enlargement of smartphone screen, the battery getting larger than before. So far, a majority of latest released smartphone battery capacity has exceeded 3000mAh. As we know, current variety applications, especially mobile games, consume a lot of power. Is it better to choose a smartphone battery with a higher mAh? How to improve battery life?

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Part 1: Is It Better to Choose a Smartphone Battery with a Higher mAh?

Of course not. We have to consider both capacity and density. So, a battery with low compacity and high density may durable than which battery with high compacity and low density. Besides, heavy users of mobile phones are well aware of this: the total power of smartphone will decrease with different degrees after multiple times of charge-discharge, especially users of iPhone.

Part 2: How to Improve Smartphone Battery Life

Someone would ask that I have bought a smartphone already, could it be said that I have to get a new one? Don’t worry, here are some tips that help you boot your smartphone battery life.

Tip 1: Close needless background programs

You may not realize that someone is stealing your battery in the background. Navigate to Settings > Battery to organize which to close. As for some applications that you unknow or hardly use, you can remove it from your cell phone.

Tip 2: Disable programs from startup

Once we boot up smartphone, some programs would automatically run in the background. Therefore, you have to disable unnecessary programs from startup to improve smartphone life.

Tip 3: Don’t use your phone while charging

It is the most important thing we should maintain vigilance at all time. For this is so harmful that changing your cell while discharging it. What’s more,
smartphone probably explodes that you will be in danger of life. Such news is not uncommon.

Tip 4: Try to use the original charger

While charging for a smartphone, try to use the original charger. The original charger can provide a pertinent current and voltage that provide cell from burning-out.

Tip 5: Keep your APPs and system up to date

If the smartphone system has a new version, you’d better update it as soon as possible. On account of every system improve some features based on the previous version that includes the optimization of battery life. And the applications would have some unreasonable designs that waste too much power. Update them to the latest version to get more fluent experiment.

How to Improve Battery Life


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