Sony IMX318 image sensor announced with image stabilization –

Sony has revealed their latest IMX318 image sensor, which is a 22.5-Megapixel Camera sensor. It is being called industry’s first stacked CMOS image sensor with built-in hybrid autofocus which is as fast as 0.03 sesonds along with 3-Axis electronic image stabilization (EIS). It feaures 1/2.6-inch stacked CMOS image sensor.

The Sony IMX318 sensor comes with industry’s smallest unit pixel which measures 1.0um, this helps in keeping the sensor size pretty small and fit in 22.5 effective megapixels which is 5488×4112 pixels approximately. The EIS feature lets users be sure of getting high resolution video without blur and capture images at any moment without missing out on any important moments.

Sony IMX318 sensor

We can expect the device to be present on the Sony Xperia Z6 as the company has mentioned that the sensor will start shipping in May or second Quater of 2016 which is in line with the launch of Xperia Z6. Sony talking about decreasing the size of the sensor and smaller pixel size, said “To accomplish this, Sony employed manufacturing technology that improves light utilisation efficiency, as well as circuit design technology that eliminates noise, a root cause of deterioration in image quality.”

With the 3-Axis electronic image stabilisation (EIS) the Video output is also great as the sensor not only corrects camera shake but also corrects lens distortion and all this takes up less power thanks to the set up being in built in the hardware. The Sony IMX318 sensor is capable of recording 4K resolution videos at up to 30fps, full-HD resolution videos at up to 120fps, and HD videos at up to 240fps.


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