Sony’s Universal Huis Remote Controller Goes on Pre-order

Sony has started taking pre-orders for the ‎Huis Remote controller in Japan. The product is one of those that scaled through the company’s crowdfunding platform – First Flight. It is on pre-order for a price tag of JPY 27,950 (USD 250), deliveries are expected after March but it is expected to be exclusive to the Japanese market.‎


According to the Verge, the Huis Remote Controller is a universal control with an e-paper touchscreen display that let’s users customise the array of button as they deem fit. The remote can control multiple home appliances such as the Air Conditioner,Television, Fan, Home Theater, Lamps, e.t.c.

The remote sports an e-ink touchscreen display which can stay on always and will also contribute towards a long-lasting battery life because it consumes less energy. It measures 123 x 68 x 24 mm in dimensions, weighs 130 grams, has USB port for charging and is backed by a 1500mAh battery.


The Huis Remote Controller uses both Infrared & Bluetooth LE connectivity, and is expected to last up to a month on usage on a single charge. Users can customise the interface on their own from the remote or rely on the PC app for cooler control and other customisations, configuration and sharing. ‎