STAMP: Move music and playlists from one streaming service to another –

Have you ever signed up for one streaming music service only to find out you liked your old one better? Or, maybe you are actually checking out a new one and like everything but miss your old playlists? What to do? Manually create your old collections? Switch and go back? Heck no!


What you need to do is get STAMP. For $5 you can make importing and exporting playlists as easy as you might find with email contacts. Seriously, you can move playlists from Apple Music to Google Play Music. Move Spotify to Deezer. Whatever. We don’t judge where you get your jams.

Right now you can pick up a license to STAMP for a mere $5, a savings of 50 percent.  Indeed, this comes with unlimited songs and unlimited playlists.

So Much More!

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