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You know you aren’t a gamer if you get attracted to one particular type of game, whatever the platform is. You don’t always need to have a huge gaming console to prove your enthusiasm towards gaming, but the choice of games has to be good; otherwise it is rather a hobby than a passion.

One of the grave and addictive gaming category is the Role Playing one, where you are a character with some role to play, and there are massive challenges on the way. You either play individually or with a team, but the challenge stays at the high level. Most of the high-end gaming consoles have best gaming titles in RPG category. Android smartphones too have the same.

If you are someone who just bought a new smartphone, here’s what you need to do after buying a phone.

Android games

Arcade games

These are for all age groups, and people from every age would enjoy it. They are fun, easy, and something people would spend hours enjoying without getting bored a bit. You don’t see tough challenges, but that’s the best part about the arcade games.

Sports games

Android game categoriesSomeone who loves outdoor sports would fall in love with the Sports category for Android quite easily. The reason? They emulate what the actual sports are. If you don’t believe it, try to play games like FIFA or racing ones, and you will be convinced.

Educational games

This is one category that you might want your kid to be concentrating on because this category has games that help increase vocabulary, grammar, and even mathematical knowledge. Of course, for kids who like to have fun, there is a combination of education with style.

Adventure games

This is a category that again, different age groups can enjoy playing. Gaming titles like Assassin’s Creed, Devil Ninja, Ice Age Adventures, and Criminal Case can give you an idea of what range of games we see here. Ice Age is for younger ones, while Assassin’s Creed is something that heavy minded gamers might want to play.

Casino games

A particular set of users who indulge in involving real or virtual money, trying their luck and bluff together against some real gamers on the other side, are not hard to find. Casino gamers are mostly the ones who play it live, real-time, and they can choose to play Teen Patti, Poker, Texas Holdem, Bingo or the Slot machines. If you are new to this and are interested to learn, check How to play casino games on your mobile or tablet device.

There are a lot other categories of Android games, and we can tell that by looking at the hundreds of thousands of games that gamers can choose from, but the above-listed categories are the best ones for the ones who are interested in keeping playing for hours and hours, without even noticing that.

Are you a gamer? Do you love to play games on your smartphone? Comment below with your favorite games.


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