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So Guys you are planing to buy a Powerbank or Portable charger but confused how to buy, where to buy, what would be the capacity of the power bank and many more question striking in your mind. There so many Powerbank you can see on the online shopping sites but unable to choose the best one for your device. Here we will guide you about the facts you must consider before purchasing a powerbank. But before it you  need to know key facts about Power bank :



What is Powerbank

The definition of Power bank is very simple to understand. It is a small device that can be easily fitted in your pockets. It is a portable charger having port to connect your smartphone with it. The Power bank is sophisticated case to store the energy and let your portable devices charge anytime anywhere.

How is work

The functioning of Power bank is very simple, you need to plugin the power bank at any charging point through its USB cable. After full charge unplugged it and when you go out of station or any other place where you have no option to charge the smartphone, simply charge your device via power bank. You can carry it easily in your pocket or bags.

Type of Powerbank and cells

Most commonly used power bank comes with USB and micro-USB ports that charged by data cable but now newer power bank coming called solar power bank charged by solar power as well as data cable. There are two type of cells Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymar. Lithium-ion are cheaper than the Lithium-polymar but Lithium-polymar charging capability is more and safer.

How to buy the best powerbank for your smartphone – Powerbank buying tips

Now let’s discuss the facts you must consider when go to buy a mobile powerbank which is good and compatible with your device :

Charging capability

Generally when we choose a power bank we check the power consumption capability of the power bank. Like it is powered by how much battery capacity which is defined in numbers like 2600mAh, 5200 mAh, 10400 mAh and so on. These no of battery is the primary factor that consider the charging capacity of the power bank. So you need to calculate your device need and according to that buy a powerbank which suited to your needs.

Number of USB slots

The no. of slot in a powerbank also affect the buying decision. If you have many devices to charge simultaneously than go for a powerbank having 2 or more USB slot and if you have only single device to charge than you can buy a power bank with single slot. Higher will be the no of slot more will be the price.

Brand and Reputation

The brand image of the powerbank also affect the buying decision. If you want a best powerbank than choose the best and reliable brand. Because now a days many companies making cheap quality power banks that can damage your smartphone. So choose a good quality powerbank.


As we already discussed there are two type of cells Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymar. So if you have low budget and do not need much efficiency than you can buy a power bank with Lithium-ion battery otherwise for fast charging and more safety go for Lithium-polymar battery powerbank.

Design and convenience 

The design and shape of the powerbank should be superb slim and compact size if you are spend 1000 INR for a powerbank and battery capacity is 1000mAh. Or if you spend the less amount than the design and weight can be lengthy. Overall the powerbank should be convenient to carry.

Short-Circuit Protection

The power bank should be protected from damaged against Short-Circuit. Generally we can see the dmamging of devices due to short circuit. But if your powerbank comes with Short-Circuit Protection than you don’t need to worry about it damaging because it will detect the short circuit automatically and will discharge own.

Over charge protection

Sometimes you forget the power bank after in plugging in and due to over charging it is started damaging. But if your charger is comes with Over charge protection than it will not charged after a certain level of safe charging even it is plugged in.

From where to buy

Now the question who are the reliable seller of powerbanks. Mostly good quality powerbank availble online, you can’t buy them from local retailers. So if you want to buy a powerbank than go through Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal or any other reliable site like Paytm. Don’t buy via Naaptol, Ebay or any other, you can cheated by these sites.


We can build a relationship between the capability and price higher will be the capability higher will be the price like for Less than 2600 mAh Capacity of Powerbank you can pay INR 500 or for more than 10400 mAh Capacity of Powerbank for rs 1500.


Mostly powerbanks comes with 1 year warranty, so before buying the power bank check the warranty derails in product subscription, also check the post buying services details.

I hope all these things described in the post about Powerbank buying guide will help you in taking buying decision of a power bank, Be safe from duplicated and cheap power banks.

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