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Timex, the Dutch watch making company has launched a Fitness tracker with a traditional Analogue dial for men called Metropolitan+. The fitness tracker comes with a traditional analogue watch face with inbuilt activity tracking capability. It supports Android and iOS smartphones with Bluetooth connectivity.

The fitness activity data can be seen on your Android and iOS smartphone like steps, calories and distance travelled throughout the day. To keep it all terrain and used in any conditions, the watch is water resistant and can withstand immersion in water up to 50 meters in depth for 10 minutes.

Timex Metropoliton+ fitness tracker watch

Commenting on the launch,  Anupam Mathur, Head – Sales and Marketing, Timex Group India Limited, said, “An active lifestyle often makes you give up on important things in life. Timex wants its consumers to not give up on their style for functionality or vice versa,” he added “Metropolitan+ is for the modern day men who demand a fit and active lifestyle and are always connected on the go. It is a perfect fit for the men who are interested in tracking their daily progress but wouldn’t want to sacrifice the beauty of a traditional watch on their wrist, a best of both worlds. With Metropolitan+, the daily lifestyles of our male consumers will become effortless, convenient and dynamic.”

The Watch comes with an additional dial along with hour, minutes and seconds dial for the analogue watch which lets users keep track of their activity. The Metropolitan+ is not as advanced as their earlier watch – Timex Ironman One GPS+ which has GPS, music player etc along with fitness tracking capabilities. It is designed to look great and attract the traditional watch users who prefer a traditional watch face but with a touch of modern fitness tracking abilities.

The Metropolitan+ comes with an amazing battery life of 1.5 years and comes with indigo night light which is quite amazing for a fitness tracker. It comes in silver-tone case with a black dial and leather strap along with the other variant being black case with a black dial and orange nylon strap. The Metropolitan+ is priced at Rs. 9,995 and will be available in retail stores in two months time.


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