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Android operating system in mobiles, tablets and other devices provide you the amazing functionality much closer the to windows and android applications are competing other operating system apps rapidly. Some times you notice that the speed of your android phone is decreased and performance of your cell phone is down. So you must take some steps to maintain the performance of your andoid device. Here are some tips to boost up andoid mobile speed and performance.

Learn About Your Phone

Learn every thing about your phone like its capabilities and must aware of all the features and things that can be supported by your phone. So be limited to its capability,

Update your Android Operation System

Google is improving android day by day so update your phone to new version of firmware with many new features and fixes. some latest versions are jellybean 4.xx and kitkat etc

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Keep only the apps you require and remove all the unwanted apps installed in your phone. In this the storage will be free of these unwanted apps and your mobile will be boosted up.

Disable Unnecessary Apps

Performance assistant introduced in Android ICS to help you disable apps which are not needed. If you do not want to remove apps then disable them, and you can enable them when required.

Insert  High-Speed Memory Card

Use a memory card with high speed rewrite and read support. Usually better memory card for android are class 6 to class 10.

Regularly Update Apps

Update your apps manually so that your mobile may not busy in updating them all the time.

Use Essential Widgets Only

Widgets are always active and take processor all the time so keep essential widgets only to increase your android mobile performance.

Do Not Use Android Live Wallpapers

Use stable pictures and your wallpapers instead of android live wallpapers.

Do not Keep Synchronization on All The Time

Turn on synchronize option for essential accounts only.

Do Not Animations

Turn off animation in android phone because they require processing.

Use a Task Killer/Manager

Install some app killer or app manager to maintain your android mobile performance. They apps kill the unwanted apps according some schedule and save processing.

Lightweight Background Apps

Install lightweight apps to run in background for example music players. Install some music player which require 1MB for installation so that your performance and speed may increase.

Conclusion: Following the above tips you can increase the speed of your android phone. If you have some better tips please share in comments so that e may include them in this article.


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