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Due to high functionality and running more apps at one time decreases the battery life of mobiles and user’s are disappointed often. To avoid this low life battery problem in android mobiles like Samsung galaxy S4, LG Optimus, Sony Xperia and all other brands with android operating system here are some tips. These tips will definitely increase the battery life of your android phone. Have a look at these handy tips

Set Screen Time-out

Go to display settings and adjust the screen time-out. The shorter the timeout, the more battery you’ll to save.

Adjust Your Screen brightness

In display settings adjust the brightness as required because the brightness settings have an impact on the battery life in android phones.

Turn on the Power saving mode

In android phones there is power saving mode which is much advantageous for the battery life of android mobile as it save the consumption of battery in unnecessary actions like vibration during typing and many more.

Disable smart gestures

When you are using Motions and gestures feature in adroid mobile then there is a more consumption of battery due to the load of these features. So turn nit off and work with touch instead of swiping your hand in front of screen.

Use Still Wallpapers

Use still images as wallpapers on home screen to avoid more battery consumption. Live wallpapers decrease your battery life,

Tips for Galaxy S4 : S4 has a Super AMOLED screen so adjust black colour wallpaper so increase your battery life

Switch Off Unused Settings
Don’t let NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Mobile Hotspot turned on when you dont need them and save much battery.

Try a Battery Saving App

There are numerous app available in Google playstore to save battery life so try some best battery saving app from them.

Turn Off Auto Synchronization Options

Don’t let the auto synchronization option turned on all the time. Use the features when required.

Update your Apps Manually to Avoid Auto Updates ruining all the time


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