Tips to Maintain Laptop Battery – review of the information

maintain laptop battery

Equipping yourself with information about technology likes the apt ways to maintain laptop battery is essential, specifically if your work requires you to use this tool. These are a number of tips that you can try.

Utilize and charge appropriately

The foremost thing that you need to concern is actually how you utilize and charge it. As soon as you charged the new one, you must accustom it. Hence, you need to use it on a regular basis such as once or two times in a week. The new battery especially requires to be charged in long period of time but it is essential to take it off immediately when it is fully charged. Besides, the majority of laptop battery is Li-ion type. This type of battery should never be left in empty power since it can reduce its lifetime.

Preserve the laptop aptly

Keep the laptop and its van clean is pretty essential for this technology device. Using separate laptop van is better since it is easier to clean and maintain. Remain the temperature in cooler degree is also effective to preserve it. Convince that the air remain moving when it is used. It can be done by using solid surface under the laptop. Good air circulation beneath the laptop can be made using external air van. Set the power option into power saver is effective to maintain the longevity of battery laptop.

Consider about external device and RAM

Most of people are less of concern that external device and RAM can impact the battery lifespan. You had better to avoid charging external USB devices in long time while working. If you require using the device, you need to unplug it immediately after data transferring to avoid battery draining. RAM memory also affects the durability of laptop battery. The bigger the capacity of RAM memory, the faster this technology device works. 4GB is minimum capacity of great RAM memory that will reduce draining in the laptop battery.

Shut it down

Don’t let the laptop remain on or in sleep mode when you don’t utilize it. If you want to leave it in short time, you should use hibernate mode rather than sleep mode since it maintains this technology better and remains it in low temperature. The most important thing is that you need to shut it down when you aren’t working with it since it happens to be the most effective way to maintain laptop battery lifespan.


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