Top 5 Free Windows 7 Password Recovery/Reset Tool – review information

Are you looking for a Windows 7 password reset/recovery tool? Here 5 tools are available for you to reset windows 7 password free after forgot or lost.

Top 5 free Windows 7 password reset/recovery tools:

  1. Admin account
  2. Windows 7 password reset disk
  3. Ophcrack
  4. Chntpw
  5. Install CD/setup disk

Top 1: Admin Account

Forgot Windows 7 password and need to reset forgotten password? Please try whether you can log into Windows 7 with another admin account.

If you can switch login user from password-forgotten one to another admin account for Windows 7 on login screen, resetting Windows 7 password in Control Panel or with Command Prompt will be allowed after computer access.

reset windows 7 password with admin account

Or if built-in administrator is enabled, you can boot Windows 7 in safe mode with Command Prompt to change Windows 7 password.

Note: How to reset Windows 7 password using command prompt


Top 2: Windows 7 password reset disk

Forgot Windows 7 password but have created a password reset disk for it? Then you can reset Windows 7 forgotten password directly on login screen after you find Windows 7 login password is incorrect.

Insert password reset disk into Windows 7 computer, click the link Reset password and follow Password Reset Wizard to do. With such a password reset disk in hand, you can create a new password for a Windows 7 user without computer access.

reset windows 7 password with windows 7 password reset disk


Top 3: Ophcrack

Ophcrack is a free and fast windows password recovery tool. In order to reset Windows 7 password, you can download Ophcrack Vista free live CD on another computer, and plug it into locked Windows 7 computer.

Boot locked computer from live CD and Ophcrack LiveCD would run successfully on Windows 7 computer, and recover Windows 7 passwords automatically at the same time.

recover windows 7 password with ophcrack

About more details, you can follow the third method in article forgot Windows 7 password have no reset disk – how to get in.


Probably forgotten Windows 7 password cannot be recovered after computer boots from Ophcrack if password is too long, or tables cannot be found because Ophcrack works based on Rainbow Tables.


Top 4: Chntpw

Chntpw is another free utility that can remove Windows 7 user password from locked computer.

First, decide to use CD or USB for Windows 7 password removal and then download the appropriate image file of Chntpw.

Second, burn the image file into CD or USB via burning program or command prompt.

Third, connect the Chntpw Live CD or USB disk into locked computer and start computer from it.

At last, remove Windows 7 password with Chntpw.

reset windows 7 password with chntpw


Top 5: Windows 7 install CD

Believe you have learned Windows install CD could reinstall or repair Windows system. But do you know it could also reset Windows password? Compared with above free Windows 7 password reset tools, Windows 7 install CD is worth recommended if you want to free reset Windows 7 forgotten password safely and effectively, though it seems a little hard for someone to use.

There are 3 important steps you cannot ignore while you decide to use install CD to reset Windows 7 password.

Step 1: Run command prompt after booting computer from install CD.

After booting Windows 7 computer from install CD, choose Repair your computer and then Command Prompt on following System Recovery Options. Instantly Command Prompt will be run.

run command prompt from windows 7 install cd

Step 2: Replace sethc.exe with cmd.exe.

Enter following command in Command Prompt window, restart computer after exiting install CD and you can replace sethc.exe with cmd.exe.

copy c:windowssystem32sethc.exe c:
copy /y c:windowssystem32cmd.exe c:windowssystem32sethc.exe

replace sethc with cmd

Step 3: Reset Windows 7 password and restore sethc.exe.

While you go to Windows 7 login screen, press Shift key five times to bring Command Prompt. Type “net user <username> <userpassword>” and press Enter to reset Windows 7 password.

After that, you can continue restoring sethc.exe with command line.

c:sethc.exe back to c:windowssystem32sethc.exe

reset windows 7 password with command run from install cd

About more, you can follow the second method in article forgot Windows 7 password have no reset disk – how to get in.

If you feel all of above Windows 7 password reset tools cannot help you, or if you want to find one tool more effective and easy-to-use, try iSunshare Windows 7 Password Genius please. It has simplified the way to burn Windows password recovery program into USB or CD, and make Windows 7 password reset easy with only one click on a button.

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