Trick To Change Folder Background In Windows Xp – Full review news

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Hello Friends..

Today I am Going To show You A Cool Trick By which You can able To Impress your friends..
Yesterday One Of Mine Techwarlock Reader asks Me that How To Change Folder Background and Set Your Picture In Folder Background?

I found His Question Interesting and that’s Why Tried to write a Complete article on how to do that…

So Lets Start The Actual Trick

STEP 1: Go To Downloading Link Below
And Download A small Software To Change Folder Background

Click Here To Download

STEP 2: After Download..Copy the Downloaded Software To
The Drive Or Folder For Which You Want To change folder background.
e.g. If You Want To Change The Background Of Your C drive..Then Copy Software To C:

STEP 3:Double Click To Open Software.
After That You Will See Something Like this.


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