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This page will solve your Apple iPhone locks problems via universal IMEI unlock iPhone code retrieval process! This process support unlocking for two different systems! This means that using this method you can release your iPhone device ( works on any Apple iPhone model ) from SIM card lock system and iCloud activation lock system! Learn more below:

IMEI Unlock iPhone Code Generator

Universal IMEI Unlock iPhone Generating Process

The unlocking process for any iPhone cell phone device is possible with the generators that this website own! To use the generator for your iPhone model you need to know it’s IMEI number combination. If you don’t know it you can find it very easy if you type *#06# on your iPhone keyboard!

The generators from this place have the power to complete iPhone code retrieval process (for SIM lock and iCloud lock) that will bring your unique code to you for free!

The main question is how you can use the generator? There are two methods that you can use depending from your needs and skills!

Universal Unlock iPhone Tool

The first method include downloading process that any user can complete it from the downloading section on this website. Simple find your exact iPhone model and press the download button! Then once you will get the software on your computer or mobile phone device just complete the following steps:

  • Firstly open the unlock iPhone code generator for your model,
  • Then insert the device’s IMEI number,
  • Select SIM unlock or iCloud unlock also,
  • Finally press the green unlock button at the bottom!

After this final action you will get your code in new window! Then it’s up to you when you want to use the code practically to remove the SIM lock or iCloud lock from your device permanently! If you are one of those with removing SIM lock you will make your cell phone eligible to accept any new SIM card from other carrier than your prime one! If you are one of those with iCloud activation lock problem – your device will begin working again with new iCloud account inputted by your wishes!

Second Unlock iPhone Code Generating Method

The second method don’t include downloading procedure! This method is available for all users too! We recommend it for those users that don’t have good internet connection. All because you will need to wait a bit more to receive your iPhone unlocking codes!

Unlock iPhone

Our team will complete the regeneration process for this users so you will need (in some cases) to wait from a couple of hours to day or two depends when exactly you will make the request!

How to make code request? Simple go to the bottom on this post and find the comment section. There leave information about your valid email address, iPhone model and iPhone IMEI number on that device that you need to unlock it! Finally your iPhone code will be send to your email address once our team will complete the regeneration process!

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