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WD Purple NV - new hard drives for video surveillance

WD Purple NVLA security is one of the most important both user-level and professionally sections. The Western Digital company knows and continues to design very interesting solutions. The last one is presented WD Purple NV, a new member of its family of hard drives, specifically designed for network video surveillance systems. Unlike the first members of the family WD Purple submitted early last year, these hard drives are capable of meeting the needs of those surveillance systems in large-scale network, they need more numbers bay and more cameras interconnected.

How is logical, more number of bays and more interconnected chambers, greater storage capacity is needed, just what it purports to solve WD with new hard drives. They are available in 3.5 inches and with capacities of 4TB or 6TB, depending on the needs you have. One of its main features to consider is that they have very present activity levels NVR digital recording. On the other hand, offer low power consumption, critical working environments at high temperatures, and a large number of advanced performance functions. Furthermore, according to the company, these new drives are able to withstand the pressure of up to thirty two HD cameras without the system stops working properly.

WD Purple NV - new hard drives for video surveillance

Meanwhile, the new WD Purple NV is equipped with some of the most important technologies of the company. Quote eg AllFrame, managed in a more appropriate cache, avoiding the loss of material when recording. This also helps the flow of data and content playback. To achieve this, they have also made firmware upgrades, resulting in a recording higher quality and fewer interruptions in the video surveillance system.

Another technology present in these new drives, owned by Western Digital is the Premium protection, which is designed to prevent wear of the devices. Basically, it ensures high protection quality in those not too suitable environments to install video surveillance systems. Finally, it also has a support for those systems with a large number of surveillance cameras.

This means that the new hard drives WD Purple NV are optimized to withstand pressure systems with a large number of high-definition cameras. Offer, therefore, the maximum guarantee when you save the recordings for quite some time and flexibility can upgrade the security system in the future. The WD Purple NV hard drives have a three year warranty and come along this quarter at a price that is yet to reveal.

WD Purple NV – new hard drives for video surveillance


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