This composite life story shows how club drug rehab becomes priceless

First time going to a party, feeling high while dancing to good music. And finding so many girls there who are willing to chat and dance with me. Fantastic. Find out the girls who are regulars. Discover who is new. Learn who has the good stuff and who does not. And realize that dreams are possible! Fun/exciting! The world is still great, even if I dropped my GPA from a 3.30 to a 1.60. Six months ago, I felt more insecure and lacked experience. Now I’m more confident, and learn more about the author.

Finaly, I finished my education and now work at a good job. And finally have my place of residence. It’s great to have my freedom back. I know that there are people who will try to rip off you, and others who are simply creepy roofie predators. It is their goal to lure naive young women into a car and drive them off to whoever knows where. You can find people who sell you crap and I always feel like I owe others. Hey, What can I do about them? They are connected with the mob, cartels or clubs. What should I do? It is not my intention to die. Many people like me there, even the predators.

One downside to paying for my own bills is it can be difficult to afford the clubs. In some cases, I sell enough to cover my expenses. My most frightful sight was seeing the blue lights flashing in my rearview. How much my life has changed because of that single event (DUI Driving while under the influence). The loss of my driver’s license made it difficult to travel to and from work. To go out to the clubs, I’m now dependent on friends and taxis.

When you don’t own a vehicle, you have to work harder at getting a lady to accompany you home. To the cabbie, it can seem a bit embarrassing that you are just taking her back home to rest. The only thing I can think about right now is how she may tell the driver in a few minutes that she has no idea who I am or where I live. Perhaps she will ask “Why am I here?” to the taxi driver. Please, help me. My guess is that I only highlighted who I had become – a woman and drug abuser. As I think back, my drug club lifestyle led me to commit a number of self-centered, idiotic, mean and embarrassing acts.